Michelle Capizzi Abstract Art, New York

Artist statement:

Michelle is an abstract artist and creative connector. Her work invokes emotion and questions understanding. Playing with color and texture, hands deep in paint, excites her.  Michelle’s art always tells a story, be it imaginative, emotional, or factual. Her art speaks to the visceral eye!

Michelle’s Studio:

Michelle’s studio is located in Great Valley, NY. She is blessed by the sounds and senses of the woods in cattaraugus county. This is a major part of her daily inspiration.

Michelle's canvases are usually in large scale.  She also enjoys working in smaller scale on heavy duty paper.  Acrylic is her main medium, but she usually combines mixed media in all paintings.

She likes to paint with unconventional tools and her hands.  Michelle's paintings are layer upon layers and full of texture with many hidden small details.

About Michelle:

She's a girl (sure she's in her 50’s, but still feels like a girl in the studio) who loves to get messy, dance barefoot, is obsessed with color, and always dreaming in shapes.

She has a BA in Fine Arts with concentration in Graphic Design from SUNY Fredonia, but the bulk of her art education has come from working with artists, galleries, and exploring the world.

How she got here:

Michelle has always looked at the world through her own lens.  Getting back into the studio full time has been a whirlwind experience, but now she’s here to stay: paint, create, dance, drink wine, and laugh out loud.

Before Michelle’s return, she had been busy figuring it all out and learning to trust herself.  Her experience as a Graphic Designer, Art Director, Fundraiser, Stylist, and Volunteer has shaped her into an independent thinker. Being a mother of three sons and wife has given Michelle the gift of a lifetime and taught her about love and appreciation.

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